We are different.

No scripts. No lame jokes. No hard sell. No kickbacks.

My name is Marcus Bradshaw and I am the founder of the Naked Tour Guide.

I started this company because I wanted to offer something that wasn’t previously available in Prague. When I looked around, I could only see massive tour groups of vaguely bored people being led around by harassed-looking guides. These types of tours were so limiting, because they just herded crowds of people to the same main sights again and again. As somebody who lived and studied and loved Prague, it broke my heart. I knew that there was much more to see, but that the existing tours weren’t showing it. The city simply needed a better type of tour – and so in my student flat in the spring of 2013, the Naked Tour Guide was born.

The Naked Tour Guide is the opposite of mass tourism. We operate with small groups, walking quieter streets and giving real insights along the way. Every tour is different and we value your input into your tour. The conversations that develop along the way are what helps keep things interesting.

I am lucky to work with a fantastic team of people, consisting of talented university students and graduates who have a real passion for this city, and whose knowledge and expertise constantly improve our tours.

Over the past three years, it has been my great pleasure to have guided hundreds of visitors through Prague and to have helped them make the best of their time in this wonderful city.

I look forward to welcoming you to Prague.


This sounds like the thing for me!

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A big thank you

Start-up businesses get nowhere without a lot of support. Support comes in lots of shapes and sizes; be it a loan, words of advice or simply a cup of tea and a hug. I would like to thank all those who by being so generous with their time and encouragement, all helped Naked Tour Guide happen. Thank you Mam, Dad, Orla, Seán, Carolinka, Joe, Frank, Tanja and Grant. And thank you of course to all of our visitors who made our journey with us. We wouldn’t be here without you.