Our Tours:

Three tours a day – each designed to get you away from the crowds.

Bright and Early Breakfast Tour

Get going early and enjoy the Old Town, Charles Bridge and Jewish town – without the crowds.

Explore Prague Historical Tour

Ditch the tourists and take a stroll with us, exploring centuries of history along the way.

Prague Castle at Night Tour

The best time to see Prague Castle – majestic, peaceful, illuminated, and utterly spectacular.

Bright and Early Breakfast Tour – 8am

This early morning tour offers a unique opportunity to investigate the Astronomical Clock and the statues on the Charles Bridge before the crowds of tourists get there. It also explores the monuments of the Jewish Quarter and the Old Town Square before ending at one of Prague’s most spectacular hidden churches.

We decided on the early morning tour to avoid the crowds and we had the king Charles Bridge almost to ourselves. Imogen gave us a variety of interesting historical info we never would have thought to ask about and provided us with helpful tips to enjoy the rest of our time in Prague.

TripAdvisor, Sept 2015

Tour Highlights:

  • Being almost alone in the early morning
  • A detailed explanation of the Astronomical Clock
  • An almost-empty Charles Bridge
  • An introduction to the Jewish Quarter
  • An explanation of the monuments on the Old Town Square
  • The Estates’ Theatre
  • The Church of Our Lady of the Snow

After your tour:

You are very welcome to join your guide in the sumptuous Cafe Louvre for breakfast after the tour. Here you will have the opportunity to linger over coffee and chat to your guide, before deciding what you’d like to do with the full day now ahead of you.


Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
Begins at the Astronomical Clock at 8am

Adults: 550czk
Students: 450czk

Included: Naked Guide Map

Optional: Breakfast in Cafe Louvre

Explore Prague Historical Tour – 11am

This tour traces the development of the city from the beginnings of Bohemia to the end of Communism. Come with us and enjoy a relaxed exploration of the by-ways of the Old, New and Jewish towns, before we cross the River Vltava and end with a stunning view of Prague.

In late July my husband and I joined the small group Explore Prague Historical Tour. Marcus was our guide. He is extremely knowledgeable and witty (as others have stated) and he is clearly passionate about what he does. This makes you excited, and even more engaged when listening to the history of Prague.

TripAdvisor, Sept 2015

Sites that we will get to see on this tour:

  • Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock
  • Municipal House and the Powder Tower
  • Estates’ Theatre and Charles University
  • Wenceslaus Square
  • Bethlehem Chapel
  • The Jewish town
  • Letna park and viewpoint

We will begin our our walk on the Old Town Square, where we will take some time to examine the history behind its monuments – some prominent, others often overlooked. Leaving the square behind, we will stroll through cobbled streets, using the quieter paths to avoid the crowds. Our route will take us to some of the main historical sites in the Old and New Towns, as well as some lesser known (and very interesting) spots along the way. The pace of the tour is relaxed throughout, allowing lots space for questions and encouraging interesting discussions to develop.

Personalised recommendations for you:

We will take a coffee break during the tour, where we will provide you with our Naked Guide map, marked with personalised recommendations.


Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Begins at the “Meeting Point Sign” in front of Cartier on the Old Town Square at 11am

Adults: 900czk
Students: 600czk

Naked Guide Map

After the tour:

During fine weather, we suggest that you join us for a hot drink in the magnificent beer garden.

Prague Castle at Night Tour – 7pm

This after-dark tour explores the Prague Castle when it’s empty, after the museums have closed and the daytime tourist crowds have left. Almost alone in deserted courtyards, we will chart the history of the magnificent Cathedral of St. Vitus and explore the lives of the saints, dukes, kings and presidents who have made Prague Castle their home and have shaped its history through the ages.

The tour of the castle at night was astounding!! So breathtakingly beautiful and NO CROWDS. No, we did not get to see the insides of anything but the historical stories and the in-depth look at the castle complex was well worth it. I was actually able to examine the enormous brass doors and see the reliefs that Marcus told us the history of, something not likely to happen during the day.

TripAdvisor, Sept 2015

Highlights of this tour include:

  • Being almost alone in the almost empty castle complex
  • A ride on the 22 tram from the Old Town up to the Castle
  • The doors of St. Vitus Cathedral
  • The Golden Gate and the stunning Last Judgement mosaic
  • The 15th century Royal Palace
  • The Basilica of St. George
  • The Lobkowicz Palace
  • The beautiful Hradčany village

Castle Musuems:

Please note that this tour does not enter any of the Castle Museums. They are open between 9am – 4pm and require their own admission ticket. 

After the tour:

During cold weather, it is our custom to invite you to join us after the tour in the warmth of a local Czech tavern, where we can enjoy a beer and soak up the atmosphere.


Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
Tour begins on the steps of the Rudolfinum Concert Hall at 7pm

Adults: 550czk
Students: 450czk

Naked Guide Map

Tram Ride:

Please note that a valid ticket is required to ride the tram. A single ticket costs 24czk and can be purchased online or from the guide before the tour.